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Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music Program at St Joseph's Catholic School the Strand.

Instrumental music lessons are offered to students of St Joseph’s Catholic School. Involvement in the program is on a voluntary basis. Having such a program does much to add to the cultural atmosphere of the school. Students become eligible to take part in the instrumental program from Year 2 for certain instruments. Parents pay for their children's involvement in the program in addition to paying all other school fees and charges.

Tuition in 2024 is offered in the following areas:
  • Guitar (year 2 - 6) Individual or group of 2
  • Bass guitar (year 3 - 6) Individual or group of 2
  • Keyboard (year 2 - 6) Individual or group of 2
  • Drums (year 3 - 6) Individual
  • Woodwind (year 3 - 6) Individual or group of 2
  • Recorder (year 2 - 6) Individual or group of 2
  • Singing (year 3 - 6) Individual or group of 2 

Instrumental Program for 2024 is currently full. If you wish for your child's name to be placed on the wait list for the instrumental program, please contact the school office. 

2024 fees per term will be:

Individual: $310.00

Group of 2: $203.00

Students will receive a minimum of 32 lessons per year, 8 lessons per term. All lessons are of half-hour duration and are held during school time (according to the availability of teaching staff). If the group size that is requested is not available you will contacted to offer alternatives.

Once your child has enrolled they are committed to lessons for the entire term. No refund can be given. If your child wishes to withdraw from the program. Written notification must be given to the office 2 weeks before the end of term.

Please Note: It is a requirement that all School fees are current for students to participate in the program.

Lesson Attendance - A timetable for each term will be given to your child. This time is also displayed in the classrooms. It is your child’s responsibility to attend lessons at the given time. If your child is absent from school on their lesson day (due to illness, family holidays etc) these lessons cannot be made up. Every effort will be made to make up missed lessons while children are on camp or class excursions, subject to the availability of time by the tutor.

Required Materials - Your child needs his/her own instrument and needs to remember to bring it and their tuition book to school on lesson days. Instruments can be organised through local music shops (Arties, Print Music, Angelene Bourne Woodwind and Brass) or Musicorp on a hire/buy scheme.

Instrumental Music Teachers can provide guidance for the purchase or rental of instruments. Students need to purchase their own tuition book as directed by their music teachers. They should all have a music stand for home practice.

The instrumental program for 2024 is currently full. If you wish to place your child's name on the instrumental program waitlist please contact the school office - 47721973