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St Joseph's School Parents and Friends Association holds its meeting once a month except during vacation periods. Everyone is most welcome to attend.

The Association exists to:

  • form a link between the parents and friends of the school and staff
  • provide a forum by which to discuss matters of interest pertaining to the school, and
  • foster school community

The Association is under the umbrella of the Queensland Diocesan Parents and Friends Association. All parents/carers of St Joseph's School are automatically members of the Parents and Friends Association.

The prime objective of the Parents and Friends Association is to bring parents, children and teachers together for fun social activities, aiding in developing the strong sense of community that permeates St Joseph's School, The Strand. We strive to consider as many parent ideas as possible. If you have any ideas or if you would like to receive more information about getting involved with the P & F Association, we would love to hear from you.

All funds raised by the P & F Association committee through meaningful fundraising are put back into the facilities and resources for the children.

In 2024, the P&F will meet Friday mornings at 7:45am two or three times each term. Dates for P&F Meetings will be published via the school calendar and school-based newsletters. 

  • Childcare is available at each meeting

The St Joseph's School P & F Association is run in accordance with guidelines set out by Townsville Catholic Education. To find out more click here.